Membership Categories︰
(RMB ¥)
Gold Card Membership:
Full Membership(Non-transferable)
Corporate Membership (One-Nominee)
Corporate Membership (Three-Nominee)
(This membership category is not available for sale.)
*All categories of White Card Membership are not available for sale.
Upgrade of White Card Membership to Gold Card Membership:
Upgrade of White Card Membership to Gold Card Membership
Membership Transfer Fees and Other Charges :
Full Membership Transfer
(This membership category is not available for sale.)
Corporate Membership (One-Nominee) Transfer
Corporate Membership (Three-Nominee) Transfer
(The membership transfer fees are equivalent to not more than 30% of the existing membership initiation fees according to the Club Rules. For membership accompanied with Jack Nicklaus Debenture(s), a transfer fee of ¥50,000.- will be charged for each debenture transfer.)
Transfer of 1/3 of Total Shares of Corporate Membership (Three-Nominee)
(The share transfer fee is equivalent to 15% of the existing membership initiation fee, a transfer fee of ¥50,000.- will be charged for the transfer of Jack Nicklaus Debenture.)
Transfer of Jack Nicklaus Debenture
Reissue of Debenture for Changing Company/ Full Member's name
¥500.- each
Corporate Membership (Three-Nominee) to Be Separated into Three Corporate Memberships (One-Nominee)
When a "Corporate (Three-Nominee)" Membership separates off, the handling fee of each "Corporate (One-Nominee)" Membership is RMB¥150,000.-. (In addition, a transfer fee of RMB¥50,000.- for each Jack Nicklaus Course debenture transfer shall be paid.)
1. If a "Corporate (Three-Nominee)" Membership is intended to be separated into three "Corporate (One-Nominee)" Membership, the applications must be made simultaneously and not successively.
2. After transforming as a "Corporate (One-Nominee)" Membership, membership transfer fee shall be based on "Corporate (One-Nominee)" Membership in further transfer.
Membership Renomination Fee:
Renomination of Corporate Nominee
Subscription Fee (per Month):
(RMB ¥)
Corporate membership (3-nominee)
Corporate membership (1-nominee)
Full Membership
Supplementary Card (Spouse/Children under the age of 21)
Other Charges:
(RMB ¥)
Club Storage Annual Rental Fee*
Locker Annual Rental Fee* - Large
Locker Annual Rental Fee* - Small
* : Rental paid is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
Replacement of damaged Membership Card / Bag Tag
Free of Charge
Replacement for Loss of Membership Card / Bag Tag (each)
Any Membership Card / Bag Tag cannot be returned during membership transfer (each)

The Club reserves the right to change the above rates at anytime without prior notice.

Revised on 18 May 2022