A. Course Rules

1. Tee Time Booking

Tee Time Booking should make through the Club Reception or Internet. Members are not allowed to make dual bookings on both of the courses for the same period.
Bookings for Bookings Date
Saturdays & Sundays One week ahead on a Friday
Hong Kong Public holidays (long weekends) Eleven days before the holiday starts
2. No Show Policy (Only for Saturdays, Sundays and Hong Kong Public Holidays)
Reserved tee-off times need to be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance if member cannot make it. Otherwise, failure to show up at the course will be considered as a no-show. Reminders will be sent out to those members who have accumulated no show records twice. Suspension of three months booking privileges will be enforced for those who have reached a total of three no-show records within a calendar year.
3. Starting Place

Both the Number One Teeing Grounds of Arnold Palmer Course and Jack Nicklaus Course are the Starting Place of the respective courses.If player requests to start at Number Ten Teeing Ground, arrangement must be made by Teeing Ground staff in advance.

4. Arrive at the Teeing Ground earlier

Please arrive at the Teeing Ground ten minutes prior to the specified tee off time.

5. Caddie

  • The Club has stipulated all players must be accompanied by our caddies. Player should sign out the caddie at the Caddie Room one hour before the tee off time. The order of the caddies is subject to the drawing result on that day. If a player continue to play after one round, he or she is allowed to reserve the same caddie for not exceed one hour.
  • At the Golf peak hours, the Club has the right to request the players to hire the golf cart. Meanwhile, two players are served by one caddy.
  • 6.Golf Cart Regulation

  • Players are requested to use golf cart at the Jack Nicklaus Course.
  • If the course condition permits, the Golf Cart 90 Degree Rule will be in effect at both Arnold Palmer Course (expect Monday) and Jack Nicklaus Course (expect Tuesday).
  • At Arnold Palmer Course, all the golf Carts (including Golf Carts with Yellow Flag) shall stop before the No Entry Sign and at Jack Nicklaus Course the golf Carts shall stop at least 5 meters before the green.
  • Players under18 are not allowed to drive the Golf Cart.
  • 7. Form Group

    In order to fully utilize all the available tee times and to protect the interests of all our members, the Club has the right to allocate players into any empty slots and rearrange a three-ball or two-ball into a four-ball according to the actual situation.

    8. One-Ball Arrangement

    One-Ball is not allowed to tee off unless the four slots of tee off ahead are continuously empty during 10:00a.m. to 3:30p.m. on Saturdays and 7:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. on Sundays and Public Holidays.In addition, tee-off time reservation of one-golfer group is not accepted.

    9. Two-Ball or Three-Ball Arrangement

    All the tee times before 8:00 a.m. on Hong Kong Public Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays for both the Arnold Palmer Course and Jack Nicklaus Course will only accept reservations for two-ball and three-ball flight. Tee times are at a 6-minute interval.

    10. Loss of Tee off Priority after Midway Rest
    The tee off priority will be lost if a player continue to play after rest at midway.
    11. Follow Proper 18-hole sequence

    Players should follow proper 18-hole play sequence (from 1 to 18) during the round. Jumping to play other holes which are not following the sequence is strictly prohibited.

    12. Pace of Play

    Players should play at a good pace and in accordance with the Pace of Play guidelines for a proper pace and a pleasant golf game that the Club has established:

    Arnold Palmer Course
    No. of Golfers Completion Time for 18 holes Completion Time for 9 holes
    Group of 4 4 hours 2 hours
    Group of 3 3 hours 40 minutes 1 hour 50 minutes
    Group of 2 3 hours 20 minutes 1 hour 40 minutes
    Group of 1 2 hours 40 minutes 1 hour 20 minutes
    Jack Nicklaus Course
    No. of Golfers Completion Time for 18 holes Completion Time for 9 holes
    Group of 4 4 hours 15 minutes 2 hours 5 minutes
    Group of 3 3 hours 50 minutes 1 hours 55 minutes
    Group of 2 3 hours 30 minutes 1 hours 45 minutes
    Group of 1 3 hours 1 hours 30 minutes

    If a group loses a clear hole and fails to complete the prior holes within the time limit set, all players of the group will be marked a slow play record if the group still play slow after received two warnings from our Marshal. If a member commits three slow plays within a period of 12 months suspension of play right for one month to play on our courses during peak hours in weekends and public holidays will be enforced. If players still play slow after received three warnings from our Marshal in the same round of play, the Club reserves the right to terminate the group form playing immediately.

    If a group loses a clear hole, delaying the group behind and fails to complete the prior holes within the time limit set, it should invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group. Otherwise, the Club reserves the right to terminate the group from playing immediately.

    13. The use of Gold Tee

    A valid Handicap Certificate with Handicap Index of 8.0 or below must be presented to the Club for all visitors who are using Gold Tees to tee off.

    14. Non-Players are prohibited from entering the course

    In order to provide a safer environment and comply with the Golf Etiquette, Non-players are prohibited from entering the course.

    15. Driving Range

    Player shall not play a practice stroke on the course unless in compliance with the Rules of Golf. The Club has driving range for players to practice stroke.

    16. Practice Hole

    In order to maintain a safe environment and ensure a smooth operation of the Practice Holes, all players are required to register at the Starter of the Jack Nicklaus Course beforehand and observe golf rules and etiquette while playing. Don’t misuse the Green of the Practice Hole as Putting Green.

    All the members' guests and visitors play at the practice holes must accompany with a caddie. Tariff will be based on the number of holes playing (9 holes or 18 holes).

    17. Dress Code
    All shirts must have a collar, turtleneck style or mock turtleneck acceptable. Men must wear shirts with Sleeves.

    Shirts must be tucked into trousers at all times. Dress shirts are not permitted.

    Jeans pants and Track suits are not acceptable.

    Trousers with strings or elastic band at the waist or ankles are not permitted.

    Shorts must be no less than 4 inches above the knees.

    Ladies may wear sleeveless collared shirts.

    Jeans pants and Track suits are not acceptable.

    Trousers with strings or elastic band at the waist or ankles are not permitted.

    Suitable skirts are acceptable (see *attached).

    * Management reserves the right to decide what is proper golf attire. Please follow our dress code.
    18. Rules for Children

  • All children must have passed our Coach’s assessment and accompanied by the parent or an adult (excluding Caddy and he or she is familiar with the golf etiquette) when playing on the courses or Practice hole. Golf etiquette must be observed, otherwise, the Club reserves the right to terminate the play immediately.
  • In order to protect the safety of children at the three practice holes, caddie must be hired if players bring more than one child (aged 10 or below) play at the practice holes.
  • 19.The Club reserves the right to alter, add or revoke to the above mentioned Rules from time to time.

    B.Rules of Game

    1.General Rules:

    The Rules of Game adopted are according to the 2019 Edition of ‘Rules of Golf’ as approved by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew, Scotland and the United States Golf Association and the Local Rules made by the Club. The Committee’s decision is final.


    Must be an amateur member with Handicap certificate. Junior card members participate individual competition, whose Handicap Index must be 21.6 or below for boys (Blue Tee) and 32.2 or below for girls (Red Tee). If the competition requests to use golf cart, the cart must be driven by an adult for children under 18-year-old. For Easter Pairs and Mid-Autumn Festival Pairs, Junior card members must be in the team formed with parents or adult, but without the said handicap limit eligibility.


    The Club has the discretion in grouping. Players are not allowed to request changes in tee off time nor grouping due to personal causes.


    Cancellation needs to be made to the Club 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, entry will be denied for six months from the date of the second time of absence if a player has accumulated absent records twice in twelve months.


    25% of handicap strokes will be automatically cut for those whose handicap proofs issued exceed one year. If the handicap of a player is 34 or above, handicap stroke will still count as 34. Enrollment without any handicap proof will not be accepted. Player who obtained the Handicap Index other than our Club, must attaches a copy of the certificate for enrollment verification. If a player holds two or more valid Handicap Indexes at the same time, he or she must present the lowest one to the Club, otherwise, will be resulted for disqualification.

    6.Time of Starting:

    Players shall report to the Teeing Ground ten minutes prior to the designed tee off time. If the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on times is loss of the first hole to be played in match play or two strokes in stroke play. Penalty for lateness beyond five minutes is disqualification.

    7.Undue Delay and Slow Play:

    The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with the pace of play guidelines that the Club has established so as to avoid slow play. Penalty for breach of rule are as follows: Match Play - Loss of hole; Stroke Play - Two strokes; Stableford competitions - Deduct two points from the total points; for Subsequent offence – Disqualification.

    8.Suspension of play due to bad weather:

    The results will be calculated base on the first nine holes if all the players have at least completed nine holes. Otherwise, the game will be deferred.

    9.Use of Golf Carts:

    Golf Carts must be used during the game..

    10.Gross and Net Prizes:

    A player cannot obtain both the Gross Prize and Net Prize in the same game. Prior announcement will be made for special arrangements if any.

    11.Prizes Presentation Ceremony:

    Awarding ceremonies of all Club’s tournaments will be held on the annual Members’ Day.

    12.The Club reserves the right to alter, add or revoke to the above mentioned Rules from time to time.
    28 May,2020